Dessert & Drink Menu


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  • Fruit Pie

    Fruit Pie

    Apple, cherry, blueberry

  • Rice Pudding

    Rice Pudding

    Sugar or Splenda

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot cake

    With walnuts or without

  • Crepe (NALEŚNIK)

    Crepe (NALEŚNIK)

    Filled with cottage cheese, topped with sweet cream sauce.

  • Cheesecake


    Home made cheesecake topped with fruits and Jell-O

  • Tiramisu


    Italian biscuits soaked with coffee, layered with cheese cream, topped with coffee powder.


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      Black or Green Tea

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      Hot Apple Cider

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      Hot Chocolate

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      Bottled Juice

      Apple, orange, grapefruit, Cranberry, V8

    Specialty Tea Selection

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      Organic Tea

      Organic Chamomile Citrus-herbal infusion-caffeine free
      Organic African Nectar-herbal-caffeine free
      Organic Mint Mélange-herbal infusion -caffeine free
      Rainforest Maté-herbal infusion-caffeine
      Marrakesh Mint Green Tea-green tea -light caffeine
      Vanilla Bean-black tea-caffeine
      White Orchard-white tea-light caffeine
      Chai Spice-black tea

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