Chatka Family Restaurant - In the Heart of Creston

Welcome to Chatka

If this is your first Polish dining experience, you're in for a treat. If you are already familiar with Polish cooking, we're sure you'll find one of your favorites here. Chatka (“Hut-ka”), the ancient, little, cozy cottage where aroma of a fresh and home cooked meal welcomes you always; offers traditional world famous Polish cuisine: barszcz, żurek, pierogi, gulasz, schabowy, kiełbasa, placki ziemniaczane, łazanki, naleśniki, to just name a few. To better understand why Polish delicacies taste so good you should also know that they are typically made of organic produce prepared by natural methods, cooked in the traditional home-made style without artificial ingredients. The best chefs pass from generation to generation the ancient recipes for delectable dishes but above all, cooking the Polish way means putting your heart into it. Entering a Polish home, whether you are an old friend or a stranger, you will be greeted with warm hospitality and a sumptuous meal. “Guest in the home, God in the home”, as the old Polish saying goes. Even seeing what's on the menu can really make your mouth water.